Flower of the Day: Annabelle Hydrangea

Here is my photo for the Flower of the Day photo challenge.  This picture was captured in June when the Annabelle Hydrangea blooms were at their best in the back garden.  This bush was given to me, from my Mother years ago, as a seedling from her mature bush and now years later I have been able to dig out a baby of my own which has been successfully transplanted to my front garden.


 I like this hardy plant as it likes the shade and boy do I have a lot of shade, both in the front and back gardens.  It produces these large white blooms that really stand out in a shady garden and seem to glow in early dusk so would be good for a night garden.  The blooms are versatile and I cut them to use them to decorate indoors and to also put them in the urns outside the front door  when I decorate them for fall and then even keep them as part of the Christmas display as the blooms dry well and are very long lasting.  I also do not cut this plant down in the fall (as some gardeners recommend) as I like to keep the bloom heads for interest in the garden during the winter snowy months.  What other plant can give you a bloom that lasts for 10 months of the year …but the hard working hydrangea.  One of my personal favourites.

It is a thirsty little bush, well medium sized bush, but have no fear it will show you when its thirsty as its leaves will droop when it needs water.   To keep it happy I put a lot of leaf mulch around the base of this plant to help keep the moisture in.   I try to only water my garden when absolutely necessary so the plants I grow must be hardy.

To see some amazing flowers and add your own, visit Cee’s Flower of the Day.


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