Photo Challenge “Which Way” – Angers, France

Here is my first submission for the “Which Way” photo challenge with the objective of capturing the roads, trails, walks and signs one sees as they travel around this beautiful planet.

These pictures were taken when we were visiting my daughter who moved to Angers for a year as an international exchange student to attend university.  Angers is a breath-taking city in western France, beside the Maine river, at the edge of the Loire Valley and it’s located about 300 km (190 miles) southwest of Paris.

We had the pleasure of walking around the many narrow, winding cobble stone streets exploring this beautiful old town with its many fountains and gardens and its historic architecture dating back to the 13th century.



Dominating the centre of town is the stunning Chateau d’Angers, a medieval castle, with  lush french formal gardens.  As a passionate gardener it was a thrill to see these symmetrical flower beds with tightly sheared boxwood hedging and pathways forming ornamental patterns they call “broderie”  meaning embroidery.


20160221_161604Next to the castle stands the Cathedral of Saint-Maurice, and on one side is a long flight of steps leading up to the rear of the cathedral with its two unique spires.


And at the other end is Place Sante-Croix which is the heart of the old part of town with a 13th century timber house, Maison d’Adam, with the most wonderful wooden carvings on the exterior, including the famous one of a local man with his trousers down, known as the ‘Tricouillard’.


I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as we enjoyed wandering around this captivating city.

For more entries to the “Which Way” photo challenge visit SonofaBeach96.


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