Pull Up a Seat – photo challenge

I thought this was a funny picture for the “Pull Up a Seat” photo challenge for this week or should I say “Squished by the Seat”.  Lol.
My husband and I were driving up north for the weekend and were taking our little Sheltie, Molly, to my mothers’ house.  My mom looks after her when we travel as she is much happier in her big backyard than spending hours travelling in the car. Molly is very well behaved in the car and usually settles in for the ride in the back seat.  I usually reach my hand around, from my front seat, to the back seat, as far as I can stretch my hand, and she rests her wet nose in my outstretched hand
Halfway to mom’s house, by chance, I twisted round in my seat to see how Molly was doing, and discovered that the back seat had come unhooked, most likely, from all the luggage we had shoved into the trunk. And, there she was pinned down by the back part of the seat which was squishing her into the seat. She hadn’t complained at all but had just settled under it.  Lucky for her the back of the seat doesn’t weight too much so she wasn’t hurt and I repeat no animals were hurt in the making of this picture. Lol.  


Check out XingfuMama to see the other submissions and follow her so that you don’t miss out on weekly photo challenge announcements.   PULL UP A SEAT PHOTO CHALLENGE-WEEK 12Pull_up-_a_Seat-Badge


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