Leaves – Foto Challenge

The Friday Foto Challenge – “Leaves”  they offer pattern, colour and broad variety, fall colours, deep veins, odd shapes … My sheltie, Molly, is fascinated by falling leaves and can spend hours chasing them in the fall and I find their intricacies just as fascinating to photograph… here are some of favourite pics. Enjoy!

Molly waiting for a new maple leaf to fall
Raindrops on the waxy leaves of a peony plant in my garden.
Looking down the centre of an Ostrich Fern
The dramatic horizontal golden bands on the Porcupine Grass
Close up of the underside of an Ostrich Fern resting on a peony bloom.

To see all the other photo submissions and to participate in the Friday Foto Challenge see Aroused by Arete:   Arousedblog



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