Monday Window

My first submission for the “Monday Window” photo challenge, is a picture from my archives, from when we stayed in Montreal, back in 2015.

The picture was captured when I was looking out from the round window inside the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts which faces directly towards the historic Bourgie Concert Hall. The Bourgie is set in the restored Erskine and American United church building which is designated a national historic site. It was completed in 1894 in the Romanesque Revival style and incorporates the most extensive collection of Tiffany’s religious stained glass windows in Canada.

Hope you enjoy the view from the eye of the MMFA.

The Bourgie from the eye of the MMFA, Sherbrooke Ouest, Montreal, Quebec

Windows are all around us, windows to look into, windows to look out of. This challenge is to look at windows, photograph interesting ones and share the images.  You can either post new photos of windows or dig some out of your archives.

To see more details on this challenge go to Monday Window

To see other submissions click thru to Ludwig Keck’s   Linked to Monday Window.


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