Monday Window

Here’s my take… a stain glass window in the St Peter and St Paul’s Church.

This church is in Kettering, Northamptonshire, UK yet another place I got to spend some time in when visiting my daughter who lived there a while ago. The windows are equally impressive from the outside of the church.

Windows are all around us, windows to look into, windows to look out of. This challenge is to look at windows, photograph interesting ones and share the images.  You can either post new photos of windows or dig some out of your archives.

To see more details on this challenge go to Monday Window and for this week’s challenge see:

They say the church is in the English Gothic architectural style with its pointed arches and is from the 1300’s approx. The top of it’s spire reaches a height of about 180 feet but I was focused on the front entrance and missed capturing the spire. I will have to go back and visit again sometime when we can travel again.

To see other submissions click thru to Ludwig Keck’s   Linked to Monday Window.

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