This backyard is for the birds!

I have setup many bird homes and feeders and keep the pond from freezing over with a bubbler so that the birds come to our backyard all winter long.  Watching their antics bring both myself and my husband much joy.  We feed the yellow finches niger seed and they go back and forth to the feeder all winter long and fight and bicker for their turn.  But every time I try and take a picture of them they seem to know I’m there and fly away.   I have had to take these pictures through the window, so as not to scare them off, so they are not the best photos but they do capture the constant activity.  The red feeder is new this year and has a variety of seeds that the wrens, doves, starlings, grackles and cardinals seem to like.

But when the snow melted I found I was also feeding something else all winter. You can see the various trails they cut under the snow and into the grass going back and forth under the feeder to get the dropped bird feed and then back under the deck.  So the jokes on me!  When I researched what it could be I found out that Voles tunnel below the surface and create runways in the grass.   vole

vole, also called a meadow mouse, has rounded ears and body and is reddish or brown and black in color with a gray underside.


    • Your right they are cute little guys and feeding the birds brings so much life into the garden I guess they can have some food too!
      We have had a bunch of rain today and their tracks are already starting to disappear as the grass is starting to grow again. As soon as the temperature stays warm we will put some grass seed down. Thanks for visiting my gardening blog!


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